Conference Topics

Contributed papers from scholars and practitioners are invited on any of the topics below as well as on related issues:

Data Analysis and Classification in the Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Biology / Banking and Finance / Bioinformatics and Biostatistics / Biomedical Data Analysis and Imaging / Business and Industry / Classification, Discriminant Analysis, and Supervised Learning / Clustering and Unsupervised Learning / Complex Event Processing / Data Analysis in Archaeology / Databionics / Exploratory Data Mining / Formal Concept Analysis / Functional Data Analysis / Geospatial Planning / Graphics and Vision / High-Dimensional Data and Dimension Reduction / Image Analysis and Computer Vision / Information Retrieval and Library Science / Impact of Technical Revolution, Globalization on Statistical Process / Knowledge Discovery / Linguistics and Musicology / Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition / Marketing and Management / Medical and Health Sciences / Neural Networks and Deep Learning / Psychology and Educational Sciences / Social Network Analysis / Sparse Modeling / Statistical Data Analysis, Statistical Models and Model Selection / Swarm Systems / Symbolic Data Analysis / Text Mining, Web Mining, and Ontology Learning / Visualization. Special sessions on Official Statistics will be organized in collaboration with the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

The Cluster Benchmarking Task Force of the IFCS is calling for contributions to a cluster benchmarking competition as part of IFCS-2019. Benchmarking studies will be presented in special sessions.